DDoS Defence: Is Your Network Protected?

28 Nov 2016

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have been growing in both size and sophistication. In October 2016, two high-profile DDoS attacks reached more than 600 Gbps and 1 Tbps. Both attacks were ranked among the largest DDoS attacks on record. The ferocity of these attacks have indicated that this trend is only set to increase… Read more »

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Content delivery – A global game

4 Oct 2016

With so many major betting events taking place in the UK, it can become easy to overlook the possibilities provided overseas. However, as Brent Dolan, Head of Horse Racing Content at SIS reveals, the 24-hour demand for betting opportunities means that suppliers need to follow the sun and ensure round-the-clock content and delivery. At certain… Read more »

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DFS – Crossing the chasm in 2016

3 Mar 2016

Marketing literature enthusiasts can most likely recall the excellent read that is “Crossing the Chasm”. Geoffrey Moore offers the explanation that in any disruptive innovation market, a critical chasm exists between the period when a market attracts its first early adopters and the moment when it finds a way to reach the early majority. In… Read more »

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Daily Fantasy Sports in 2015 and prospects for 2016

8 Jan 2016

2015 was a difficult year for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States. The sector has benefited from eight years of growth, but the last few months will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the unregulated era. In many American states, recent rule changes mean that local providers are now considered… Read more »

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Searching for the strongest operator at ICE

23 Jan 2015

GameAccount Network (GAN) the leading developer and supplier of enterprise-level B2B gaming software and online gaming content, is issuing a challenge to find gaming’s strongest operator at ICE. In keeping with its ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ stand theme, the company is putting up a special trophy for the ICE visitor who records the highest score on… Read more »

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